West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren

West of Bathurst is a comic about the Junior Fellows of Davies College, a semi-fictional graduate residence located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The strip runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus every second Saturday.  The strip's creator, who evidently enjoys writing of herself in the third person, wishes she could continue to claim that she will eventually organise this site better, but she just...can't...get a hang...of all its little quirks.  There is a better-organised WoB site; it's here.  It has an archive and everything.

The comic has now completed its run.  That is why I suddenly stopped updating without saying I had (on this site, at least.  I'm much better about explaining things on the better site.  I'm really sorry for never telling you guys anything).  Thank you for your support over the years; it is hard to let West of Bathurst go.  I will begin a new comic called It Never Rains on March 3rd, 2014. 

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Comment on the comic here (it is a sort of blog thing).  I've got some little contests running in the summer of 2013; you can find the instructions via the link to the sort of blog thing.  The prize will be the complete WoB collection (assuming it ever comes to exist).

Some WoB-related links:

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Kari Maaren is a wandering sessional instructor who spends far too much time avoiding marking.